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The history of Gold Trade Tadeusz Niemczyk

Dear Sir or Madam,

The genesis of the Gold Trade company dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Its history was started by the representatives of two families of traders from Krakow and Warsaw. In the city of the Wawel Royal Castle, it was my grandfather, Paweł Niemczyk, who traded in antiques and paintings. He was an art dealer who engaged in business with, among others, the masters of the Polish palette, Wojciech and Jerzy Kossak. To this day, the canvases of both of these painters are in our family collection. Wojciech Kossak's letter to Paweł Niemczyk has also been preserved, carefully kept among the family mementos.

pawel niemczyk senior sepia












     Paweł NIemczyk senior


Paweł Niemczyk passed his knowledge and passion for Polish painting to one of his three sons, Mieczysław. This is my father, who developed the grandfather's passion by getting involved in numismatics and photography. A lot of things in life happen by a pure coincidence and that was the case of Mieczysław Niemczyk. After the World War II he moved to Warsaw where he pursued his career in the field of color photography and where he opened his own photographic studio in the well-known spot in the city center - PKO Rotunda (rotunda-type building owned by the PKO BP bank). He was a great artist, winner of many awards, as well as an ingenious practitioner, the owner of patents in the field of photo processing. Later he met his future wife, Anna Fladrzyńska, née Lulaj, who came from a well-known family of pre-war restaurateurs based in Mokotów, Warsaw. Anna’s family preserved a tradition of collecting beautiful and valuable things. Anna’s grandmother, Maria Lulaj, had a collection of Russian and Polish thalers. When she passed away, the family handed her collection over to the granddaughter, Anna. This event transformed Mieczysław’s interests in numismatics into a real passion. Together with other collectors he founded the Polish Numismatic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Numizmatyczne) in the 1950s. First meetings of the Society were held in the halls of the National Museum. However, these were not easy times for coin collectors. Let it to suffice to say that for publicly demonstrating a silver 10 zlotych coin with the image of Józef Piłsudski, one could be put in jail or even sent into exile to Siberia in the Soviet Union.

 Mieczysław Niemczyk












    Mieczysław Niemczyk


TMieczysław Niemczyk was battle-hardened, and hardships did not deter him. He managed to survive the shipwreck of MS Piłsudski, sunk by the Nazis on November 29, 1939, despite spending almost six hours in icy cold water. These are the kinds of memories of my Father that are described in these wonderful books: Wielkie dni małej floty (by Jerzy Pertek) and Największa nasza strata (by Stanisław Bernatt). Mieczysław Niemczyk started issuing Polish coin catalogues in the mid-1970s, along with Janusz Kurpiewski and my Uncle Czesław Kamiński who was also a numismatist. In the meantime, he continued to collect paintings, watches, and clocks. Among home mementos, there is a letter send by Feliks Przypkowski, the great clock collector and founder of the Jędrzejów Clock Museum. In it, he expresses gratitude to my Father for his contribution to the museum's collection. Mieczysław Niemczyk's wisdom, interests, and collections were passed on to me, Tadeusz, as his only son, and to Paweł, his grandson. Paweł Niemczyk manged to rise to prominence in the field of Polish and international numismatics while being at the relatively young age. Although the career of this highly talented numismatist was cut short by a tragic, premature death, his name has been engraved in gold letters on the pages of Polish numismatics. Inspired by my father, I founded the Gold Trade company in inner Warsaw in 1991. We became one of the first companies in our sector on the Polish market to be granted a permit to trade in gold and platinum foreign exchange by the National Bank of Poland. From its inception, our business has brought tangible and timeless benefits for consumers all over the world, continuing the tradition established over the years. Knowledge-based experience, confidentiality of transactions, and profit for the client are our core values. We extend our principles to you, and want you to make the most of our services.

Tadeusz Maksymilian Niemczyk
The owner of Gold Trade Tadeusz Niemczyk company

wGold Trade company’s interior

wGold Trade company’s interior

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